Venice in Peril

The Venice in Peril Fund has financed the restoration of more than 40  monuments, churches and works of art in danger of irreversible decay.  But over the years it has become clear that Venice presents special challenges beyond the need for restoration. The lagoon is a uniquely complex environmental system, deeply affected by modern life itself: pollution, climate change and economic choices. The water that makes Venice what it is will also kill it unless man is endlessly vigilant and active in its defence.   Venice is the “fairy city of the heart”, as Byron said, but can it take 16 million visitors a year and still remain a beautiful experience? And can a tourist city keep its diversity and be tolerable for its inhabitants?

Venice in Peril is dedicated to spreading the message that Venice is so ecologically fragile that it will survive only as long as people want it to survive and are prepared to spend a great deal of money and political energy looking after it.  The charity works to ensure the sustainability of Venice, acting as a lobby and working to find answers to some of the critical ecological, demographic and socio-economic issues that the city is facing.  Venice in Peril's resources go into the vital, ongoing work to preserve this magical but environmentally fragile city.

Trustees of the Venice in Peril Fund

Mrs Nathalie Brooke
Lady Clarke CBE
Lady Emily FitzRoy
Mrs Andrew Graham
Sir Ronald Grierson
Lady Hale
Richard Haslam
Dr Paul Holberton
Jonathan Keates
Dr David Landau
John Millerchip
Mrs Marina Morrisson Atwater
The Viscount Norwich CVO
The Lord Phillimore
Sarah Quill
The Hon Anna Somers Cocks

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