Real Venice: An Introduction

"Venice is most definitely in peril. With many of its buildings the water level is at, or above, the line where the water-resistant stone bases join with the porous brickwork. This is rotting the fabric of the city; in St Mark’s Basilica, the damp now reaches six metres up the walls and is causing the precious mosaics in the atrium to fall off.  This has never been the case in previous centuries. This is why it is tragically mistaken to assume that Venice will go on surviving just because it has survived so long.

The charity Venice in Peril has been working for over 40 years to restore buildings and works of art, to provide reliable information about the threats to the city, whether from the water, from tourism, or over-exploitation, and to lobby for its protection.
Venice in Peril, in collaboration with Ivorypress and generous backers, launched a major art initiative to raise funds for Venice. Fourteen artists using the medium of photography were selected to visit the city and with absolute freedom make a portfolio of images. They all donated an edition of their portfolios to Venice in Peril.

The curators of the exhibition were the Ivorypress team, led by Elena Foster, and they also produced a publication with the same title as part of C Photo Project.

All the pictures can be bought, with all proceeds going to Venice in Peril.

Real Venice harnesses the creativity, the vigour, the internationalism - and the financial power - of contemporary art to saving Venice, the “fairy city of the heart” that we hope will still be there, in good order, to enchant our great-grandchildren as it has enchanted us." 


Anna Somers Cocks
Chairman, Venice in Peril

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